All treatments are carried out by me and are tailor made just for you,
what ever your age or style .








By having the right shaped brows you can truly open up and redefine your face, whatever your age.

Whether you have sparse hairs, missing fronts or tails, no hair at all or simply want more definition. Whatever your age, or reason, I will  create bespoke brows for you.

Starting with a custom blended pigment just for you, and taking account of your hair colour, skin tone, age and your desired end result.

Then, using one, or a combination of specialist techniques, such as Microblading or machine shading to create a soft powder or ombre brow. I will  create natural looking brows that will lift and frame your face.

Prices start from £265

Permanent lip colour can enhance the beauty of your natural lip by adding soft layers of colour enhancing the shape and giving the illusion of a fuller lip, ironing out any small imperfections on the way!

Imagine, a lovely blush of colour all over your lips and you don’t have to keep re-applying lipstick, maybe add some gloss and you are good to go.

Lip colours are custom blended to take into account your natural colouring and the colours you like to wear. From subtle to bolder and darker, I can create the look for you. All treatments include lip liner that is blended to match the colour you have chosen. 

Prices start from £295

Do you struggle with eyeliner application?

A permanent solution could be for you! This is a safe and simple technique tailored to suit your eye shape. Subtle or strong, under eye, upper lid or both. Natural but noticeable it will thicken and define your lash line leaving beautiful 100% stay put, no smudge liner!

Perfect for clients who have watery or sensitive eyes, struggle with liner application or just simply don’t have the time!

Prices start from £185

Nothing in life is permanent and yes that can now be true of both your regular tattoos or your permanent makeup.

As lovely as your tattoo or permanent makeup was at the time you had it done, things change, colours fade and styles change. What ever your reason, there are now procedures that are non-invasive and entirely safe to either remove or significantly lighten the previous work.

Let me introduce you to LI-FT saline tattoo removal. This comparatively new tattoo removal procedure is an efficient and safe method for removing over saturated, poor quality or old discoloured work that is no longer wanted.

Prices start from £79

All treatments include the following:-

  • One FREE no obligation in depth consultation.
  • Expert brow mapping and measuring, using string, callipers or ruler.
  • Professional colour selection and mixing.
  • Light stable, top quality pigments. 
  • Pigment sealing to ensure the colour lasts longer and your skin heals quicker 
  • Full after care pack with instructions. 
  • Soothing gel to use during the healing process. 
  • One follow up treatment, 6 weeks after your initial treatment 

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