Permanent or Semi-Permanent Eyebrows


Whether it’s giving you a subtle brow lift to take a few years off and enhance the eye area, replacing missing ends of your eyebrows or simply adding hairs to sparse areas, I can create and perfectly redesign a new brow style just for you regardless of age, face shape or skin colour. Brows can become thin from over plucking or appear uneven or hapless. By having the right shaped brow, it can truly open up your eye area and boost your confidence. 

Booking in for permanent makeup could well be the best decision you ever make!

Older lady with permanent make up

Types of Permanent Brows


Types of Treatments

A powder brow can create a more defined fuller look, very popular with all age groups Using a machine to implant the pigmentation into hundreds of minute dots in the dermal layer of the skin giving a soft pixelated look.

Whilst Microblading alone allows for natural hair stimulation to create an ultra-realistic brow. This is achieved by implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin using a Microblade. Both methods are  suitable for clients with or without their own hair.

The most popular treatment is a combination, with natural hair stokes at the front and a few through the brow with powder through the arch and tail for more definition 

With any technique, I will always draw on the shape with an eyebrow pencil so we can decide together on the best shape for you. and of course agree the colour.  I will listen to your thoughts/ideas on your desired new brows and use my experience to help guide you; I will only proceed when you are 100% happy.

Perfecting Your New Brows

With any new clients, who are venturing into the world or permanent eyebrows, what ever look you are going for, I would always suggest a more subtle or lighter look initially, as there is always the option to go darker/bolder/bigger at the 6-week follow up appointment, which is included in the treatment price.

Remember,  Less is More…

Pigments & Colours


The pigments I use are of the highest quality and all made in the USA.

With a wide selection of Hypoallergenic Pigments to choose from, I can custom blend to suit your skin tone and hair colour. The colours I use are highly concentrated. The higher the concentration the more saturation in the skin, the more saturation, the longer it will last. The pigment ingredients are comprised of the absolute highest quality pigments with the highest lightfastness rating for maximum colour stability and performance. 

Before any treatment starts, I will take time to assess your underlying skin tone and natural hair colouring to ensure the correct colour is custom blended for you, for a perfect healed result.

Checking the colour selected against the clients hair colour, great match!
colour index for Tina Davies I love Ink

FREE Brow Consultation


So….What are you waiting for…

At your FREE, no obligation consultation we can discuss your desired style whether it be a powder brow, microblading or a combination of the two. The colour blend that will suit your complexion and hair colour, and whether you want just Microbladed hair strokes or a mixture or powder and hair strokes.

A brow treatment is a three -part process, usually completed in two appointments, the price you are quoted will include all stages (and your patch test).

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Times are hard for everyone,  so why not spread the cost of your treatment and split it across your plan. Pay half on treatment 1 and the balance on top up.  

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Oncology Patients

I am constantly inspired by the stories and journeys of those people living with all types of cancer and cancer survivors. If you are currently undergoing treatment or have just finished please contact me for a detailed discussion and special pricing for your choice of permanent makeup.

Treatments are subject to insurance boundaries and medical approval checks as some contraindications may apply,  

Referral Scheme

Each time you make a referral you receive £25  worth of M&S, John Lewis or Amazon vouchers, when your referral has their first treatment !!  


Please note that a £50 booking fee is required to book and secure your appointment, this will be deducted from your final price.  

Booking fees are required to ensure you are serious about your appointment, it is non refundable for clients who cancel with less than 48 hrs notice or fail to attend their appointment.