Professional Permanent Makeup Artist near Ascot


“Look Amazing and Feel Fab”

Permanent Makeup, semi permanent makeup, PMU, Microblading or Micropigmentation are all words for basically the same thing. 

It is a tattoo that imitates flawless, smudge proof, looking good, always makeup that can be either uber subtle or more dramatic, from brows and eyeliner to lips. Each treatment is bespoke to each client to fit your skin tone, life style and requirements. 

My approved clinic is based in Bagshot just a short 10 minute drive from Ascot. There is plenty of free parking outside and free wifi inside.

If permanent makeup is something you have considered but are just not quite sure about then why not book for a FREE no obligation consultation. Let me answer all your questions, go over the proceedure and draw on a new set of brows. During this session I  can patch test you which is valid for a year. So, should you want to go away and think about it, you will be good-to-go when you decide a permanent makeup treatment is for you.

Natalie Varley,
Permanent Makeup -
near Ascot

Permanent Makeup with a personal touch!

At my Bagshot clinic, just a short drive away from Ascot, you will get a professional bespoke permanent makeup service. Each service is designed with you in mind, your daily routine, your skin type and tone, and of course your desired results. 

Permanent makeup works by implanting tiny dots of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin building up layers to create the density required for your desired look, be that soft or more dramatic. 


Tattooing permanent eyeliner


Let me answer all your questions, so….why not book in for a FREE no obligation consultation 

Natalie x