Non laser permanent make up & body tattoo removal and lightening

Nothing in life is permanent and yes that can now be true of both your regular tattoos or your permanent makeup. Li-FT is a pain free saline tattoo removal system that is both safe and kind to the skin with no harsh chemicals and no scarring!  

As lovely as your tattoo or permanent makeup was at the time you had it done, things change, colours fade and styles change. What ever your reason, there are now procedures that are non-invasive and entirely safe to either remove or significantly lighten the previous work. 

Let me introduce you to LI-FT saline tattoo removal. The comparatively new tattoo removal procedure is an efficient and safe method for removing poor quality or old work that is no longer wanted. It has been winning hearts left and right because of its numerous benefits, one of them being a completely natural method.

How does it work?

Saline removal is conducted using only medical-grade saline solution along with a tattoo device. The saline solution penetrates the upper layer of the skin, where the tattoo pigment was previously injected, and breaks down the ink. The hypertonic combination of salt, purified water, and other natural products pulls the pigment to the surface of the skin, which eventually becomes a scab and expels the ink entirely while it is healing leaving no scaring. Small tattoo’s or permanent makeup are all ideal candidates for saline removal.

  • You must be over 18 to have this treatment.   
  • You must be in good health and able to heal well. 
  • You must not be pregnant or breast feeding. 
  • Not suitable for Fitzpatrick 5 & 6 skin types

The average removal will require 1-4 sessions. Gently removing /lightening over saturated or unwanted Eyebrow shapes/or sizes/Lips/ Eyeliner and small body tattoos.

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Li-ft saline solution